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We are a diverse group of people of many cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, faiths or traditions, ages, classes, and disabilities and abilities. Some individuals identify as Buddhist and others do not. We operate on a drop-in basis. We have a core group of people who attend regularly, while others come when they can.



The Mindfulness Practice Community of Vancouver (MPCV) was created as the Mindfulness Practice Centre of Vancouver in Sept 1998 by Jeanie Seward Magee with the support of her husband John Magee. Jeanie had been studying and practicing Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings and was inspired to create a mindfulness practice centre in Vancouver.

Initially, MPCV’s home was located on West 12th Avenue near Arbutus. Jeanie and John facilitated the sittings on Sundays, and also had sittings on Wednesday. As the number of core members grew, more of the community assisted in the facilitation of the evenings.

In 2001, Jeanie and John left Vancouver to live in Bermuda. The community (also known as “sangha”) continued on at different locations: in Kits, near Main and Broadway, in sangha members’ homes, in Kits again, before taking a short break.

In 2004, MPCV started to sit in the eastside and with that, a slight name change to Mindfulness Practice Community of Vancouver. Since its inception, it has been a peer-led meditation sitting. MCPV utilizes the teachings and practices of the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, to help its members to experience greater ease, freedom, and peace in their lives. Over the next several years, MPCV practiced in various locations in the Vancouver area. We have been practicing at our current location, Phap Hoa Temple, since 2018.

Caretaking and Support

MPCV is a local grassroots, independent, peer-facilitated and volunteer-run community. We do not have an official “Teacher” or “leader.” We have a volunteer Caretaking Committee that provides support and decision-making for the sangha, and strives to be as inclusive and transparent as possible.

There is no charge or fee to practice with MPCV. Sangha members may choose to practice dana, or generosity, according to their interest and capacity. Dana can take the form of small financial donations (to support sangha expenses and practice); and/or volunteering as a sangha helper, co-facilitator, facilitator, or in any other capacity that is needed. To learn more, please contact the Caretaking Committee.