Until Dec 21st 2014, we are sitting at Three Jewels Vancouver, 9 East Broadway, just a block and a half west of Main and Broadway, on Sundays from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

Then starting from Dec 28th, we will make a move in the same neighbourhood. Our new venue will be at Building Caring Communities, 251 E 11th, just east of Main Street.

The venue is very close to Main Street and Broadway, which can be accessed via many bus routes, both on Broadway (#99 B-line Express or #9 Broadway), or on Main (#3 Main), or on Kingsway (#19 Metrotown/Stanley Park), or on Fraser (#8 Fraser/Downtown). Skytrain stations are a bus away (Main Street Science World -#3/#8/#19), or (Commercial Broadway – #9/99), or (Broadway-City Hall – #9/99).

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We sit every Sunday, unless otherwise posted here.